Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated - Paul Rand

I am a passionate Web Designer and Front-End Developer living in Queens, New York. This website is a showcase of my work. I am truly passionate about life; never ignore lessons of the past and always set new goals for the future because every new day is full of possibilities. Having said all that, I am very enthusiastic about new opportunities and challenges.

Design has always been somewhere there in my life. When I decided to pursue a career in a design field I would never expect my life-path to be so surprising, influential and enjoying. Yes, the field demands a lot but that’s what makes it so engaging. Designing has really influenced my way of looking at the world. No longer do I look at a certain thing with the same vision — I think and look critically to derive the most essential information.

Understanding design isn’t an easy task. Of course, there are rules and principles that really make sense, but have you really wondered how your surrounding is constructed? What did it take to build it? There are countless answers, for sure. In my case, I’ve always cherished logical functioning of our planet since my dad's been a civil engineer. During my childhood I was enwrapped in architecture because I saw my dad preparing and drawing blueprints. He always tried to explain to me the meaning of each symbol and element. It was so engaging and entertaining at the same time!

That’s how it all started — with the imitations of blueprints. Drawing after drawing made me more and more certain that I enjoyed what I was doing. My education gave me a solid foundation of graphic and web design to explore this wonderful field of countless mysteries. I especially enjoy web design over print because it utilizes my creative and technical skills. Every day there is something new to be learned and discovered!

I am available for freelance work. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at or simply fill out the contact form. I will answer as soon as possible.

Profile of Karolina Jamula-Mucha, an interactive designer

A dedicated web designer and front-end developer enjoying challenges in the visual communication field, problem-solving, incorporating new techniques and solutions with particular attention to user experience (UX) and UI best practices. Through collaboration, I seek to strengthen conceptual thinking, explore imaginative horizons and adapt unique ideas.

Available for freelance work.

Please contact me to schedule your project.

Skills of Karolina Jamula-Mucha, an interactive designer

Use of HTML and CSS (hand code) to create clean, logical and semantic code with the implementation of SEO best practices. Implementation of responsive design techniques. Experienced with Wordpress installation and customization. Working knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery

Proficient with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, QuarkXPress, FinalCut Pro, Microsoft Office Suite

Comfortable with sketching, retouching and image manipulation

Solid understanding of user-centered design (UCD), cross-browser compability, web usability and standards, image optimization